Unveiling of the restored Richard Pierpoint plaque 

Below are photos taken at the unveiling of the restored Richard Pierpoint plaque that took place Thursday May 2nd, 2024 at John Black Public School in Fergus.  Photo credit: Lorraine Bride.

Peter and David Meyler authors of A STOLEN LIFE Searching for Richard Pierpoint.

Peter Meyler, Rosemary Sadlier from the Pierpoint Community Working Group and the Ontario Black History Society and David Meyler.

Kathy Bouma and Raymond Soucy were instrumental in removing the badly damaged 30 year old plaque and taking it to be refurbished. 

The original heritage plaque was an initiative of Peter Meyler and restoring the worn and damaged plaque was a project taken on by the Wellington County Historical Society with the assistance of a grant from the County.


Richard Pierpoint c. 1744-1838. 

Richard Pierpoint, an early pioneer, settled here in 1822. 

Born in Bondu (Senegal), Pierpoint was captured and shipped to North America around 1760. He was bought by a British officer, then fought as a free man for Butler's Rangers during the American Revolution. 

When the War of 1812 began, Pierpoint petitioned authorities to establish an African militia unit. As a member of the "Coloured Corps" he fought at Queenston Heights and elsewhere.

In 1821 the elderly veteran requested repatriation to Africa as a reward for his military service. Instead he was granted land in the new township of "Garrafraxa". By 1826, Pierpoint - then in his eighties - had cleared five acres and built a house on the east half of lot 6, concession 1.

Erected with assistance from the Ontario Heritage Foundation.