Wellington County Historical Society announces publication of Stephen Thorning's History of Elora

The Wellington County Historical Society is pleased to announce the publication of the late Stephen Thorning’s long-awaited history of Elora, “The Model Village and the Struggle for Success.”

Thorning who earned a PhD in history in 1994 is best known for his weekly newspaper column “Valuing our History,” which was published for 25 years. After his untimely death in 2015, the meticulously-researched, but incomplete manuscript was discovered. The Wellington County Historical Society took on the task of seeing the manuscript to publication. Elysia DeLaurentis, a local historical researcher and writer, has completed the manuscript. As well as filling in the gaps, she has added a preface, an afterword, and illustrations which include hundreds of images, most of which have never before been published.

“The Model Village” touches on many aspects of village life while offering a detailed account of the political machinations and industrial aspirations that shaped Elora during its first century of existence. “The book examines the interconnectedness of politics, industry and economics in the evolution of a small village,” said DeLaurentis adding, “It reveals how world events and egos propelled and at times thwarted the development of Elora.”

The book is hardbound, almost 600 pages with a comprehensive index. Copies are now available for pre-purchase at Magic Pebble Books, 153 Geddes Street, Elora or order@magicpebble.ca or 226.383.3855. The book launch will take place on May 8, from 6 pm to 8 pm, at the Elora Centre for the Arts.

Founded in 1928, the Wellington County Historical Society’s mandate is to foster public awareness of the rich history of Wellington County. The Society’s activities include: sponsoring public lectures on historical subjects, publishing an annual journal of Wellington County history and, from time to time, publishing books on the history of Wellington County.